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St. Jude Chapel

March 27, 2020

My beloved family of Saint Jude Chapel,      


I truly do miss you all very much. I feel a profound loss with an empty church and you not here with me. I have felt this loss especially as I celebrate private Mass each day. Yet, I know, the Church, we the Body of Christ, are united and filled to the brim with the love of God the Holy Spirit. You might remember that Good Friday is the one day of the year that we do not celebrate Mass. During this Coronavirus crisis, the absence of the Faithful may symbolize the absence of Jesus as He dies upon the Cross and lays three days in the Empty Tomb. From my perspective, the current crisis of the Corona Virus seems to be a daily Good Friday. We know, nonetheless, that God is calling us to a deeper trust in Him.

Central to our prayers are the courageous health care workers who battle this disease and help heal the sick, the sick themselves and their families, those who work in jobs that are essential to the life of our society, and anyone  who suffers and is afraid. I am aware that many of you are personally going through very difficult situations with your jobs and families. Our children are especially dear to us. Please tell all our children that Father Jonathan prays for each of them every day. I do want to express my deep love and concern for you all. Please pray for me and for our wonderful family at St. Jude Chapel.

You are all with me and Holy Mother Church when I celebrate Mass by myself each day. I trust that you too are using this time of isolation, separation, and unease to draw closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. With all the world we are praying with confidence to God Our Father that this terrible time will end, and end soon! As we rejoice in the resurrection from the dead of our Lord Jesus Christ we will rejoice in the resurrection of our daily lives and the life of our society. Like Saint Mary Magdalen who embraced Jesus tightly in the garden and wept with joy at being reunited with Him, we too will embrace one another with that same joy.

While Saint Jude Chapel is physically closed for now, we want to ensure that we do not fall behind. We want to be ready to open as soon as we get the all clear. I ask you to continue to contribute to our Chapel. To assist you, we have created an e-giving website with Give Central. Please look at the enclosed information sheet or go to:


Thank You!!

The Chapel is now set up with Flocknote. This is a communication platform to enable you to receive emails and stay in touch with St. Jude Chapel. You can join at:


Thank You!!

I invite you to visit the Diocese of Dallas website, cathdal.org to find updated information and spiritual resources for Lent. Please also check our website at stjudechapel.org for information about St. Jude Chapel. Beginning this Sunday, I will provide an audio homily on our website for your spiritual reflection.

I pray that God will protect, guide and bless you, your families and loved ones.

With all my love and devotion,

Father Jonathan Austin

Saint Jude, Pray for Us!

At the direction of Bishop Edward Burns, St. Jude Chapel will remain closed until further notice.


Please donate to your Chapel as you would during normal times, so that we can continue our ministry to the faithful. We want to remain fully prepared during this difficult time, and be ready to return to normal as soon as possible. 


You have our eternal gratitude!! 


St. Jude Pray for Us!

palm sunday 

mass broadcast

During this time of the Shelter in Place order and to do all we can to stop the spread of the coronavirus, Bishop Edward Burns and Auxiliary Bishop Greg Kelly will concelebrate Palm Sunday Mass from the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe on Sunday,April 3,2020, at 11 a.m. on KDFW FOX4, and on the social media platforms of the Diocese of Dallas and Cathedral Guadalupe.  

It will also be broadcast at Noon on KDFI Channel 27.



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